About Us

Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center (PRWC) is dedicated to improving the health and lives of our patients. We're driven by our passion for helping people return to their life without pain. At PRWC we listen to our patients during individualized treatment sessions and develop a customized treatment strategy to address the unique needs of their bodies.

The vast majority of people directed to physical therapy have a movement disorder. This may be the cause of the problem or the result of an injury or illness. In either case, the key to success with physical therapy is identifying and correcting the movement problem. On occasion, these can be difficult to identify and require diligent observation and immediate feedback. At PRWC, our treatment philosophy is to dedicate a therapist to each patient for one-on-one treatment sessions. This allows our therapists to focus on each individual's unique situation and goals.

As a patient, you will see the same therapist at each session, eliminating the need to repeat yourself and instead utilize your appointment time to focus on healing. You can confidently come to PRWC because we listen to your needs and specifically direct the treatment to your body's unique requirements. The results are improved movement, increased range of motion, decreased pain, and overall better body function.